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Rosa Mystica and Rosary

This was designed by Paula as she undertakes her new position in the ministry. We are making T-shirts with it on them to call attention to everyone that Rosa Mystica is the patroness of the Clergy, especially our Priests.

JMJ Ministries Shield

The logo was designed to show the first two apparitions at Montichiari, Italy. The first was in the Spring of 1947 when praying in the chapel of the local hospital a nurse by the name of Pierina Gilli had her first unforgettable experience with the Mother of God. In this first apparition she saw Her heart was pierced by three swords; the first sword means: the unworthy celebration of Holy Mass and Communion unworthily received; the second sword is: being unfaithful to, and giving up, the vocation as a priest or a religious; and the third sword means: betrayal of the Faith. She asked for “PRAYER, SACRIFICE, and PENANCE.” The Second Apparition on the 13th of July, 1947 Our Lady was in a white dress and adorned with three beautiful roses: white, red, and yellow which replaced the three swords. The white rose represented the spirit of prayer, the red one the spirit of sacrifice, and the yellow rose the spirit of penance and conversion. Because Rosa Mystica is our patroness, we wanted to be able to call attention to this powerful apparition, and this is what was designed to show it. We are very grateful to Paula for using her talents for this ministry.

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